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About us

AddVision Capital is an Andorran Group, with more than 25 years in the financial markets

Our Mission

Each client is unique, we help them to organize their wealth focusing on their interests

why signing with us?

we are independent advisors

We can advise you on all your assets, analyzing the different alternatives to optimize profitability and diversification according to your interests

We establish long-term relationships with our clients, offering continuous advisory

We keep our clients informed of any change that may have an impact on their assets

our exclusive advisory model

we have developed an exclusive model based on ...

  • Professional Excellence
    Curriculum Vitae
    Professional and Academic Experience
    Senior Management in banks - corporate finance and private banking -. Academic degrees related to finance: European Financial Advisor (EFA), Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) and Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA)
  • Independency
    No links with third parties
    No one can influence the solution we design for our clients. Only prevails our clients' interests
  • Transparency
    The correct decision is the best informed
    No Secrets
    The only way to choose the best option is if you have as much information as possible, so we always inform the client of all existing alternatives, the risks involved and the associated costs
  • Personalized
    Tailor-made solutions
    We design innovative and avant-garde solutions for each client because standardized proposals never respond to the specific client’s needs
  • Costs
    No Surprises
    All costs are detailed a priori, all customers know from the begining all our fees

... creating long term value

our services

Residence in Andorra

The Principality of Andorra is characterized by its security, quality of life and advantageous taxation. We accompany you to obtein your residence permit

Andorran Company Incorporation

Foreign investors can hold 100% of the share capital. We will advise you on your company incorporation


We offer you the possibility of having your accounting updated, informing you of your assets and liabilities' situation at all time

Tax Declaration

We can assist you in tax declarations: all corporate taxes and income tax

Financial Advisor

We can advise you to build your personalized investment portfolio, according to your risk profile and liquidity needs

Wealth Optimization

Financial markets are increasingly complex, professional advisory will allow you to have your assets adapted to the global economic situation

Consolidated Report

If you book your investments in different financial institutions, we prepare a global report of all your assets

Corporate Cash-Flow

We help you to achieve your financial goals by optimizing your company's cash-flows

financial advisory fees

The spirit of AddVision Capital is to establish longterm relationships with our clients, offering continous advisory services. 

We also understand that there are clients who prefer to be advised occasionally or even only once, reason why we also offer sporadic advice contract.

Our fees apply to all our customers, individuals or corporates, classified as retail or professional, but those particular conditions that could be established by mutual agreement would be subsidiary

All expenses and taxes that may arise from the collection of commissions or  the particular conditions agreed, will all be paid by the client and any expenses from third parties as well. These are our fees, VAT not included.


continuous advisory

  • up to 5MM - EUR 500
  • from 5MM to 10MM - EUR 2.500
  • +10MM - EUR 5.000
  • + 10% profits

continuous advisory

  • up to 5MM - EUR 250
  • from 5MM to 10MM - EUR 1.250
  • +10MM - EUR 2.500
  • +10% annual profits
accounts +3MM

continuous advisory

  • 10% profits - watermark

continuous advisory

  • 1,5% AUM's

sporadic advisory

  • EUR 500 / hour

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