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About us

AddVision Capital is an Andorran group, with more than 20 years in the financial markets, local and international.

Our Mission

We consider each client as unique, we will assess you optimizing your wealth, taking care of your interests.

our services

independent advisors

Financial Advisor

We will assist you choosing your investments, according to your risk profile and your liquidity needs.

Wealth Optimization

Financial markets are becoming more complex, being assisted by a professional advisor will help you to have your wealth according to the global economic environment.

Resident in Andorra

Andorra is known for its security, life standard and advantageous tax system. We will accompany you setting your residence and your Andorran corporation as well.

We are independent advisors......

Having no links with third parties allow us to assess you without any conflict of interests.

Standard proposals never fit to the clients’ individual needs.

AddVision Capital will offer you a tailor made solution, meeting your needs and focusing only on your interests.

why signing with us?

our exclusive approach assesses you in...

Global Advisory
We can assess you on all your wealth, analyzing all the alternatives for optimizing performance and diversification according to your interests
We do not have any link with third parties, so anyone will influence our proposal
We always inform our clients about the existing alternatives, the risks and the costs from the begining
Long Term Relationship
We look for long term relationships with our clients, offering continuous advisory
We keep our clients informed about any change that may impact your wealth
All our fees are set beforehand, there are no surprising bills